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Director of Operations

I’m delighted to be introducing Enhance Catering to the industry. We solely work with venues and locations that require a high level of safeguarding processes and DBS Check to be carried out on catering staff. I am proud that we are the first agency to market with this focus in safeguarding recruitment within catering and have an excellent spring board to work from and grow, potentially even quicker than our sister brand Evolve. Having worked with Evolve and seen how quickly a business can develop and be successful, we intend to pave the way in a new direction, supplying the right staff with the right level of compliance required within this market. Providing Catering & Hospitality staff to places that require DBS / specific safe guarding processes really is something I want to make sure is done professionally and correctly.

With the combination of recruitment and industry experience, our team are particularly strong in knowledge and understanding of client needs. We have hand picked the team, playing upon the strengths of those with particular attention to detail and appreciation for extremely strict compliance. With offices in The South, Midlands, Hertfordshire and London, we certainly have a vast geographical presence and ability to service some challenging locations.

Recruitment is a tough market but ultimately the right attitude and desire to service a business and often go that extra mile is key to building strong working relationships. I may not be a classical trained chef but its not unheard of, to find me or any of the team supporting clients in the kitchen because we have all had an Enhanced DBS check carried out. In our previous roles we have all recruited in Healthcare, Education, Contract catering as well as Events and 5 Star Hotels. Honestly and Transparency are the drivers to our service, I believe by placing these key attributes alongside strict compliance, recruitment with safeguarding can be done right.

If I weren’t so great at my job, I’d probably be…

A PE Teacher

How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds?

You know those people in the kitchen at school, well I put them there! I meet them and ask them to dress up as a chef in their white outfits then get them to cook for me and I eat all of their food if its looks nice and doesn’t stink of smelly socks!

My favourite word in the English language is…

Paraphernalia – love a bit of paraphernalia and KIND for obvious reasons. I tell my 4 year old he is kind all the time and my one year old to use kind hands, probably my most used word

If you could acquire a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

Playing the guitar or the piano – I’ve only ever mastered how to play a trumpet! Much to the disgust of my fathers’ ears!

Favourite food or dish to cook at home?

Flapjack for my boys they love joining in or BBQ in the summer or Sunday Roast Dinner in the winter  – as its our main weekly meal where we all spend the time together

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