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Where to start… the beginning is probably a good place! Not many people will know this- I originally trained to become a Primary School teacher, but once starting a Part time job in Catering and hospitality,  to get me through Uni, it soon ended up as what I now know,  was the start of my career in hospitality, in one guise or another. After a successful career in hospitality I was lured into the world of recruitment and have been there ever since.  Who knew you could have two loves of your life and combine them both… the perfect storm!

Having worked in the corporate world of recruitment for over 12 years I took on a new venture with Mr Ed Vokes, a trusted colleague, of years, but more importantly a loyal friend. And 8 years on here we are with an exciting new brand, built on trust. We provide reassurance to our clients that they will not only always get the best person for the job, but the right person. I am lucky enough to work with the most talented and hardworking people in the industry in Enhance Catering and Evolve Hospitality. We all have the same goal- to do the right thing by our candidates and clients and to ensure that we always go the extra mile to get the job done.

Enhance Catering is a unique brand offering both quality and reassurance to all of our clients, whether catering for children in schools, vulnerable adults, in care home environments or our heroes in the armed forces. I am immensely proud of the team we have built and look forward to watching the business grow and support our industry in whatever way we can.

If I weren’t so great at my job, I’d probably be…

Anything that involved working with animals… if truth be told I much prefer animals to humans 😝

How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds?  

Get people jobs so they can buy sweets and presents for their lovely children and friends!

My favourite word in the English language is

My actual favourite is not repeatable… but the printable word is Oxymoron. It’s the best word ever and I try and use it as least once a day

If you could acquire a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

To be able to drive on Motorways!! It would certainly put an end to my endless train journeys up and down the country and make the FD happier with my reduction in expense claims LOL

Favourite food or dish to cook at home?

Staying true to my roots as being a Brummie it has to be curry… I could literally eat it every day!

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